Links & Resources

Pet Health

Animal Welfare: Human-dependent Animals

Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights

Cruelty Free Shop

Dog Diarrhea – offers pet health supplements including plantaeris for dog diarrhea

PetzLifeĀ  Products

Vegan and Vegetarian

Australian Vegetarian Society

Vegan Outreach

Vegetarian Health – Useful free vegetarian ebook site with recipes to improve your health

Animal Welfare and Rights

Animal Liberation (Victoria)

Animal Liberation (New South Wales)

Animal Liberation (Queensland)

Animal Liberation Inc. (South Australia)

Animal Rights Resource Site

The Humane Society International

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Voiceless .. Wonderful support group, helping people in animal welfare. Also focusing on Factory Farming and commercial kangaroo industry.

contact.. Elaine MorrisĀ 2 Paddington St Paddington. NSW. 2021. Ph 02 93570723. Email

Other Useful Web Sites

The Best GPS Dog Collars On The Market – GPS dog collars, outdoor pet products, and handheld GPS units

Precious Pets Photography – “Does your pet have attitude? Walk with graceful elegance? Or just has a style all of its own? Why not capture this in a fantastic photograph!”

Vegan Poet – A site featuring a book of thought-provoking poetry and photos that speak of animal, environmental, and human rights.