New Books and Pet Care Products

Now that we have a shiny new Veganpet site up and running, we can start listing new products on our online shop! 😀

Regular customers may find that we have made significant updates in our Books category. A couple of items were removed, but we added at least a dozen new books to our range. We are still in the process of listing more books! Watch the Books section for more updates in the future.

The Pet Care category now also features a couple of new items, such as Petzlife Oral Care Gel and Spray, formulated for fighting plaque and tartar. The Petzlife Oral Care range is designed to kill bacteria on contact, thus minimising potential dental problems for your pet.

We are also began to stock Scientific Professional Cat Litter products in the Pet Care section. Scientific Professional is a unique cat litter designed to be an early warning system for elevated pH in urine. Abnormal pH levels could be a sign of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. The litter colour changes to varying shades of pale pink to magenta when the pH in a cat’s urine is above normal. The darker the shade of pink, the more serious the problem may be.

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