sandy_01.jpgMy lifetime love of animals has motivated me to help them maintain healthy and happy lives. I have been involved in every aspect, including the establishment and operation of an animal welfare society, care and rehabilitation of native and domestic animals, and the creation and manufacture of products to improve the standard of living for animals.

My business enterprises began from a burning desire for change. “Sandy’s Natural Herbal Products p/l” evolved many years ago because my beautiful shepherd “Zoe” had a very serious reaction to a Shelltox pest strip collar. Zoe was so sick, despite the best of diet, care and attention. All of my inquiries resulted in the same response; I was told that Zoe was fine, that it was my imagination.

But I knew that wasn’t the case; something was wrong, very wrong.

Trial and error proved beyond doubt that the chemical insecticide flea collars, powders and washes were the root of the problem, and further research and study identified that organo phosphates were the main culprit.

Further research and study made me aware that there must be an alternative, but no one would listen to me. I decided then to force change commercially. I established a company structure and studied herbs, in particular Pyretherum, and made my own natural products for pets. “Sandy’s Natural Herbal Products p/l” grew and grew, slowly people listened to what I had to say, and things began to change.

My business expanded and my products gained acceptance Australia-wide and also overseas. The products were found on the shelves of every major supermarket, pet suppliers and mail order companies, head to head with the chemically-based products of all the big names. Numerous presentations and articles in magazines and on television promoted the products far and wide.

Pyretherum is now the most commonly used base for pet pesticides used today. I had achieved what I set out to do; but some where in all the business razzle dazzle I had made a big mistake. I lost myself. I became so involved in my company and keeping it debt free, I almost forgot why I started it, and the reason for its existence. I sold my company and my business, and concentrated on getting my priorities right. My priorities were still the same; the quest to provide safe and healthy alternatives for animals wherever possible.

Changes in my own lifestyle had resulted in me choosing a vegan diet and by necessity, I became more aware of the compositions and ingredients of food products. It was a natural progression to start reading the labels on pet foods; and further research and inquiries caused me to be greatly concerned. It was time to change; and the best approach (from previous experience) was to provide an alternative product of equivalent quality and cost.

The product I developed is named “Veganpet”. Veganpet is a nutritionally balanced and complete dry food for puppies and kittens to mature adults. It is completely vegan, manufactured without the use of meat or animal by-products. Developed to completely balance a pets diet, it contains key ingredients that ensure that your pet is healthy and nourished. Veganpet is completely natural (with the exception of some added vitamins which are synthetic) with no artificial colours or preservatives.

Veganpet also meets the stringent nutritional requirements of AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Official’s) dog and cat food nutrient profile for puppy/kitten to dog/cat maintenance. Veganpet is a relatively new pet food to the market and it has received a favourable response in this limited time.

Requests for Veganpet are nationwide, despite a limited word-of-mouth advertising strategy. This positive, early response suggests future success in the newly discovered vegetarian pet food market.