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This section is dedicated to our clients, who are just as passionate about animal welfare as we are. We are very grateful for the feedback we received so far! We definitely like to hear about our customers. Therefore, if you’d like to send us a feedback, or perhaps even send us a photo of your pet, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or on Facebook.

Once again, thank you all! 🙂

Please note, some email excerpts on this page are edited to remove confidential information, or to keep the word count reasonable. Some images are also cropped and resized for optimal viewing on the web. Of course, we never post material without our clients’ written permission. If you have any objections to what is being presented here, or wish to alter/remove your content, please let us know


“Hi Sandy, I’ve no doubt that her vegan diet for the last 10 yrs now is the main reason that this Dingo x has lived until 18.
Feel free to use this info/photos on your website. I think it’s a testament to your wonderful products.”

Hi Sandy,
Thank you very much for ur parcel and for getting me a better deal on postage, that was very much appreciated. 
I reckon u should put a little * at the end of the online ordering process that you do try and get a better deal where possible, I think it may help get u more sales as you might hold onto a few more customers that initially may be deterred by the postage.
Anyway thanku again for the awesome parcel, my 17 year old Dingo cross Toffee loves it- the photo below is her gobbling up ur dry food with ur tin food mixed in and soy milk. She’s been mostly vegan for about 6 years…..I’ve no doubt it’s the main reasons she is still alive at (nearly) 17!
Anyway thanks again Sandy,
Toffee and Fiona” 🐺🌷💜🌈😀☮🍀💎❤☮⭐🐺 🌈😀🌺🐺🍀


“Thanks Sandy, for Lila’s food pack received today. She really loves the kibble. She is growing fast and full of energy 🙂 Socializing extremely well with her dogs at the park, and doing well at puppy class.

Such delight. Cheers Lila’s family”


Hi Sandy,

Would you like another vegan cat testimonial to add to your wonderful collection? I was reading them today and I think they’re a great way to reach out to others to change to a cruelty free diet for their cat.

“Uma is a recue cat I acquired a year ago, and has been eating Veganpet dry cat food from the day she arrived. She is now 5 years old and in excellent health. I’ve been vegan 38 years myself, so I don’t have any animal products in my home, and Veganpet cat food is a Godsend! Uma is also called “the pumpkin munchkin” because she also loves steamed pumpkin mixed in with her food.

I researched cat food requirements and discovered the dogs and humans require 9 essential amino acids, whilst cats require an extra two (carnitine and taurine). Whilst these amino acids are naturally occurring in meat, they are usually depleted from meat pet food during the washing and drying cycles. These means they have to be supplemented artificially into meat pet food, the same as they are into vegan pet food. So there is no nutritional gain in having a cat eating meat pet food, when vegan pet food has the same 11 amino acids in it! And the vegan pet food is cruelty free, so it’s actually a win win!”




“Here’s a picture of Penny waiting patiently for a peanut woofer treat.”


“Hi Sandy!

After making my second order I thought I’d let you know how much my little puppy Penny is enjoying your food.

She’s been finishing off the dry pellets I was given when I adopted her, and I’ve been incorporating more and more of the vegan food each meal and she loves it!

Before switching foods, I ran it by my vet David Stasuik at Cheltenham vet clinic who was not only 100% on board, but said he even knew you, so that has made everything a lot easier.

I enjoy adding extra vegetables and things like chia seeds to Penny’s dinner along with the dry food. If you have any thoughts or ideas on other items I could be adding, I would very much appreciate any advice you have.

Also, thank you for the note and all the info that was sent along with my order. It made purchasing online personal and enjoyable.



“Dear Sandy,

Thank you so much for the lovely note and treats you kindly enclosed with my order of your dog kibble which I received today. My dogs, absolutely love it! I have only just put them on a vegan diet in the last few weeks, and after quite a bit of research I have decided to feed them half of my home cooked dog food and half of your kibble. The plan is to give them all of their nutrients from your kibble and to bulk it up with my home made food. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I must say it’s quite daunting!

I cook up a large pot of 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup green lentils, 1/2 cup mixed quinoa and 2 medium sweet potatoes. I cook it till very soft then puree it a bit. I have been adding nutritional yeast for B12, black strap molasses, flax oil, L-Carnitine and Taurine. Should the ratio of wet to dry food be half, half and do I still need to add the supplements? I hope you don’t mind me throwing all these questions at you!

I have two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Charlie (Blenheim) is 12 and Harley (tri colour) is 2. They are my babies and I want them to be healthy. My whole family is vegan so it just seemed the right thing to do with the dogs.

Now that I know the dogs love your food I am going to put in an order for the 15kg bag.

BTW, the dogs devoured the treats in seconds!

Thank you so much again and I’m sure my babies are going to be healthy, happy vegans with the help of your wonderful food!



“Hi Sandy!

Just wanted to say how thankful I am to have come across your products and encouraging personal message attached to the order form and that I will continue to support your company and buy your products.”


“Having Bastian in my life has been the best thing I have ever done. He is my first dog as an adult but don’t call him a dog in front of him as he thinks he is a human/dog hybrid! He is a miniature poodle x mini groodle (poodle/golden retriever), so a 2nd cross and therefore has the poodle coat.

He was being fed eukanuba, but I as my friend and myself started our baby steps into vegetarianism and choosing cruelty free products last year I became aware of your product and thought that he could try it. He seems to like it and less chemicals are going into his body and I am supporting local business and I think he is losing weight on it too so the ticks are all in the right boxes! The shampoo is also good and being the colour that he is and the fact that he is off-lead most of the time and loves the water (insert puddles, muddy dams, stagnant lakes etc) he needs to be washed often!

I applaud your dedication to the cause of caring for the best beings on this planet and wish you well. I have attached some photos of my treasure. In the one entitled ‘knackered’ he is watching the tv after a long hard day out with his friends. Him in bed was after an operation to remove lots of bits of toys from his stomach and his intestine, although he does sleep on/in my bed every night!”


“I’m a vegan and for the same reasons that I chose to be vegan, I have also decided that I want my Family (so far just my Kitten Flynn) vegan as well. I actually stumbled across your food and read up on it before going ahead with the Vegan Pet Food. So far, I’m happy, Flynn’s happy – it is a great food. Flynn my cat is a male, 11 months old, and has a black medium length coat. He is healthy, the only concern is a small, minor cataract on part of his eye that I’ve been told is a result of him being on deaths door as kitten. It does not bother him, affect his sight and its not that noticeable.He is a regular, happy, playful kitten.”


“I would like to thank you for the taste of the peanut flavor biscuits you recently put in our order, the girls loved them but I think the very vege ones are still their favorite!

As you were aware Holly had some serious health issues and at Christmas last year and was given not much of a chance to live with a severe and sudden heart murmur, onset of Cushings disease & epilepsy. She has been back to the specialist vet many times but the last visit this month, to our surprise, was good news! Holly’s heart murmur has lessened and he was very happy with her overall condition. Her teeth an issue but I am trying both the Petzlife gel and spray but I think she needs a few out as they are loose and the gums red.

I do think changing her food to the veganpet food has played a part in the recovery not to mention that the 5 girls all love it! We used to have problem getting Elly to eat her dry food but she finishes off all the vegan dry food. They all enjoy their vege biscuit for breakfast and supper!

Thanks again Sandy for providing a healthy option for our dear pets.”


“I just wanted to say thank you very much for your wonderful product. For the last year my cat, Monty, has been on a vegan diet; made possible because of your cat food. He looks very well and his health is better than when he was eating a meat based diet. He also seems very content with his new diet; he also enjoys soya mince, soy ‘meat’ products, avocados and nutritional yeast. Thanks again for enabling me to share my life with a beautiful cat without having to compromise my ethics.”is planet and wish you well. I have attached some photos of my treasure. In the one entitled ‘knackered’ he is watching the tv after a long hard day out with his friends. Him in bed was after an operation to remove lots of bits of toys from his stomach and his intestine, although he does sleep on/in my bed every night!”


“Buffy enjoying her dinner of mashed tofu, corn and veganpet cat food.”

“Buffy taking a nap after dinner in her favourite yoga pose!”


Dog in the box, Chelsea!


“She loves the stuff!”


Theresa sent us photos of Nacho – a kitty adopted from the RSPCA. Nacho’s diet was switched over to Veganpet with no problems.


“Hi Sandy,

My name is Eve and I ordered some Veganpet dog food from you and my partner has been ordering it from you since.

I just wanted to write and let you know that I think that your product is just fabulous. It really helps us to have something nutritious to feed the dogs if we are in a rush for work, and just for our peace of mind really. I am a vegan and my partner is a vegetarian and it is important to us that we feed and raise our dogs in a vegan, compassionate manner.

I am attaching two photos of our dogs – they are Staffordshire Bullterriers. They might be a little old, but I’m having trouble locating them in this computer! If you would like to post them on your website I don’t mind. I enjoy the look of amazement on so many people’s faces when I tell them that the dogs are veg – they don’t expect the dogs to be so strong, active and healthy I guess.

The male brindle coloured dog is Seth. He is very strong and energetic. He also has a very noble quality about him. He loves affection, going for walks and he gets a bit worried if he can see that I am unhappy or down about something. Angel is the little white one. She is our little princess! She is such a gentle girl – everything about her is gentle and soft and sweet. She will let you rub her stomach for hours if you would. They get along very well together.

Thanks so very much and I hope that you like the pics!

Eve :)”

Update – Eve also sent us additional photos which are more recent:


“Lalita loves her vegan pet dog food mixed with a little cottage cheese and avocado!”


“Vinnie is my lovely one year old black cat who has been eating Veganpet since he was a tiny 6 week old boy. There was a period where he was eating meat based kibble as well (we were looking after another cat who ate that) and he became overweight, less affectionate and sort of obsessed with eating. We were so pleased to get him back on Veganpet and he has returned to his lovely self. It is such a pleasure every time I feed him to know I’m not harming other animals by having him. Vinnie also enjoys fresh corn, mushrooms, nori, chickpeas, lentils, rock melon, nectarine, banana, rice and lentils with gravy and pasta. Our friends find it hilarious watching him eat fruit and vegies and getting so excited over mushrooms. Our vet was really interested to hear about Veganpet and is supportive of it and says Vincent is in great health. If it wasn’t for Sandy and Veganpet I would never have got a pet as I wasn’t prepared to support animal slaughter industries. So THANYOU! We love VeganVinnie!”


“Hi Sandy,

Thanks for the cat food, and for developing such a wonderful product! I just adopted my two year old cat Sen from the RSPCA and she loved the food straight away. She was recovering from the flu when I got her and has now put on weight and looks healthy again. I’m so grateful to have found such an excellent food source for her that’s in keeping with my beliefs and diet too. Keep up the good work, I’ve been passing on your information to lots of my vegan and vegetarian friends who have pets.

Thanks again,



Danny sent us lots and lots of photos of Ascender. It was very hard for us to narrow the selection down – they were all great!

“Ascender is very happy and healthy on his VeganPet based diet.”


“Dozer loves the vegan pet food biscuits. I wouldn’t consider giving him anything else. I give it to him in a ball with a hole in it so he has to chase the ball round to let the food out – this make it last a little longer! He is the most healthy, soft little fellow and full of life. I am pleased to say I don’t feel like I have to hold my nose or wash my hands immediately after handling the biscuits like with the other dog food products available. Thanks for making this product available.”


“Mimmy is a ball of energy – all day and half the night! She is exceedingly healthy and does very well on her vegan diet – she is completely cruelty free.



“Kirsty sent us a picture of Megs, “awaiting impatiently the arrival of her new vegan cat food!”


“Hi Sandy,

Lucy is a Maltese (or silky) X Australian terrier that I found in the Animal Welfare League here in Sydney. She was 2 years old and had been there for 2 months because no-one wanted her apparently cos she only has one eye. I’ve had her now for 3 years and being vego myself put her straight onto a vegetarian diet.

She’s was never a big eater, even when I took her to training and they tried giving her Smackos (much to my horror). She has definitely become a bigger eater over the past few years. She eats mainly vegetables, gluten, egg and rice.

A couple of months ago I became vegan and heard about your product from Amanda Carr who runs Animal Liberation in the Blue Mountains. She actually gave me a sample of the dog food and Lucy loved it. I was really happy because I’ve never known what to give Lucy that’s a little more crunchy for her teeth.

Anyway, she’s a gorgeous girl and makes me very happy. Thanks for your products. It’s great to know she’s getting so many more good vitamins in her diet.

We had snow up here last week so I’ve attached a couple of photos of Lucy enjoying her first frolic in the snow!

Hope I haven’t ranted on about her too much!

Thanks a lot and take care,



“Hello Sandy,

My girls are doing wonderfully on Veganpet and everybody who finds out what they eat can barely believe they are vegetarians! Thanks for all your hard work on great cruelty free products.




“A photo of our little girl Gita.”


“Dappa (the black boy) arrived in the household 18 months before Jake’s departure. I noticed him roaming front yards up and down my street, looking more skeletal than any dog I’ve ever seen, obviously after any food he could scavenge. I couldn’t resist giving him a good feed and introducing him to the two older dogs. Luckily they seemed to get on so well that I was hugely relieved when two weeks of enquiries turned up no owners wanting to reclaim him. Uncomfortable as it is to face the prospect of loosing a loved dog, I had been wondering how Maxi would cope when the inevitable happened to Jake, who was then 13 and starting to show his age. Dappa came at just the right time.

As a result of his period of neglect he is now the least fussy eater I have ever met, happily gobbling up raw vegie offcuts and fruit of all descriptions. The perfect vegetarian dog! He has shocking manners though, and will always try to intimidate everyone else out of their unfinished food if he thinks he can, so we’re working on teaching some respect. He also suffers from a permanent state of attention deficit – he can never get enough!

Having Dappa around kept Maxi going in the difficult weeks after Jake’s death. It seemed particularly appropriate to have ‘the black dog’ keeping her company through those first lonely days when I had to get back to work. She was quite depressed, and lost a lot of weight, though she always managed to perk up when we went out for a walk. In that difficult time I discovered the vegan dog food and it was one of the few things that always lifted her spirits – more than any of the other dog foods I had been trying. So now she has regained her equilibrium and her condition.

Maxi is in fantastic shape for a twelve year old. She’s still able to jump more than a metre into the air with no trouble (in her prime she could leap six foot fences in a single bound, causing me no end of trouble) and she can still outrun Dappa with seemingly no effort at all, though she does get a bit stiff the day after. Thank you for your great product, helping my two remaining darlings to have a happier and healthier life, we all really appreciate it.




“Dallas loves her Veganpet and is extremely healthy as a result. People are always amazed at how shiny and muscular she is. She’s really active and has loads of energy to run around and play. One of the other great benefits of her diet is that she doesn’t have that yucky dog smell. Dallas wasn’t raised on Veganpet, she started when she was two years old and took to it really well. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy dog food that is both kind animals and the environment.”

Update: Emily sent us another photo of Dallas… “Her food arrived and while I pour it into the container she loves to put her head in it and munch away. She loves her Veganpet!”


“Since he came to us when he was 8 weeks-old, Lucky was fed Veganpet dog food and our vegan food. He has been the most active and loving dog, everyone loves him. I am sorry to say that he loves chasing the seagulls when we are at the beach, luckily we know that he would never succeed, but the speed he could get up to is amazing. He loves to race against us and always comes first.

Lucky is two now and he has been very healthy and happy. People are always amazed by the friendship he shares with our black rabbit Thompson, Lucky would lick Thompson for hours and then curl up next to her to sleep. We are very “lucky” to have Veganpet food for Lucky, so he grows up healthy and strong without causing any suffering to other beings like him and us.”

Caroline and Sam

“Hi Sandy. We received our big bag of Veganpet a few days ago, thank you.

We’d love to tell you about our dog! Jet is a 2 year old border collie x golden retriever. He is a very happy, relaxed dog who we weaned onto Veganpet earlier in the year. We noticed that he had more energy when eating your food and he was producing noticeably less waste – which is always nice!

Sam and I are both vegetarians so were looking for food for Jet which enabled us to be consistent with our beliefs when buying all food that came into our house. We are so happy that we can feed him something that is such high quality, nutritionally balanced, cruelty-free and affordable. The arguments that we meet from people “but dogs are meant to eat meat” are soon silenced when we ask them if they know what sort of meat goes into their dog food – if any real ‘meat’ at all – and where it is sourced from?

Back to Jet. He is a clever, affectionate and very gentle dog who enjoys chewing anything and everything, running in the park and being near people. We always walk him off the lead, he knows to stop and sit at the kerb at each road we cross and will walk right beside us when asked.

He’s such a special dog, thanks for helping us be able to feed him such good quality food.

Have a wonderful Christmas and peaceful new year, Caroline and Sam.”

Ryan and Melanie

“In regards to your Veganpet food, we couldn’t be happier. We live healthy lifestyles ourselves, so why shouldn’t our pets? We spent considerable time searching pet shops in our area and online for someone who supplied organic meat products, especially after hearing about what goes into most tinned pet products, disgusting.

We have a habit of reading the ingredients of everything we buy for ourselves and our pets, and when you see all the artificial colours, flavours and preservatives in popular pet biscuits, we had to find a better alternative.

Veganpet biscuits ARE that better alternative. One of our cats is super-fussy with her food and has a sensitive stomach, we bought a bag of Veganpet to try out and see if she would eat them, they are her favourite.

Where she would get bored with other foods if we kept feeding the same food each day, she loves your Veganpet biscuits. Every morning, the bowl is cleaned up.

Thank you for providing a healthy pet food product that we can feed our cats so that they can live a longer, happier, healthier life with us.”


“Hi Sandy.

Received the woofers yesterday and Solace has been munching them down haha.

Being a vegetarian myself, I wanted to allow my boy Solace to enjoy the same healthy lifestyle. When I discovered Veganpet, it was a great moment for me and Solace!

Lucky for me Solace loves Veganpet dog food, but I would say that his favorite would definitely be the Woofers Treats! His eyes sparkle when I am about to take one out of the pack!

I’d like to thank Sandy for creating Veganpet and also providing me, Solace plus all those who are Vegetarian/Vegan an alternative to dog food/treats. Looking forward to more products in the near future!
I highly recommend the dog food and treats to all!

Best regards,


“Hi Sandy

I have been meaning to email you for a while to let you know how my boys went with the Veganpet dry food.

They absolutely love it! They had tried Biopet dry food as it was available at a store near our home, but they far and away prefer the Veganpet. Also it has more nutritional value than Biopet.

They had tried the canned Veganpet before (we bought some at the Cruelty Free Festival in Sydney last year), so we also ordered more of that from you when we placed the order for the 15kg bag of dry food.

They are still loving that as well. I have passed the Veganpet brochure on to some friends so hopefully they will place orders as well.

Thank you for producing a great vegan food for our boys – it gives me peace of mind that they are getting all of the nutrients they need. I was always concerned that something might have been missing with the food I made them.

All the best

Kind Regards”

Sharyn McCarthy (Central Coast NSW)

Sunny and Cindy

Fat Cat

Miffy the Chuhuahua

Peppa the Kelpie X


Scruffy in cat door


Toki and Kosma

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